Monday, January 25, 2010

Tablecloth Progress

I am progressing well with the tablecloth. I have spent a few late nights stitching away, and thanks to Mum's help I am further along with things than I would have been (unfortunately I do not have enough hands to do everything at once). Whilst I was stitching Mum helped with appliquing the design onto the middle of the tablecloth and putting the ric rac on.
At the moment I am doing some french knots on the ric rac, then I am stitching on the corner embroideries. Despite Mum's protests that this will be enough, I am pondering putting another lot of stitching between the centre skull embroidery and the corners....just to spice it up a little. I think the design lends itself to being gaudy, so it can't hurt to add some more stitching to the piece. What do you think?

Early stitches

Quite liking the satin stitching

The centre piece

The next lot to stitch on

The best thing about this photo is my monkey toes....
As for the tablecloth, still looks bare I think

Close up of flower

Close up of skull

Doing the french knots

I can't wait til I am finished so I can show you the final thing. It has to be done by Thursday morning, so stay tuned for the results.


  1. Wow! Your tablecloth is amazing! I feel very inspired now :)

  2. Is very nice your tablecloth. Never I had imagined it. I think one.