Friday, December 2, 2011

Shrinky fun

I decided to be crafty today, and in the midst of one idea I had another great one. I got back into the shrinky dink! I mostly just tinkered and drew up a few designs. Some have become brooches and some, Xmas decorations (well, at least that's how I am using them at the moment.

Milly Molly Mandy




Milly Molly Mandy



Tree, Mushroom and Squirrel

Mexican Wrestling Mask

Where's Wally and Max (Where the Wild Things Are)


All today's creations

Jack Christmas decoration

Mexican Wrestling Mask decoration

Max decoration
The rest are being made into brooches, so once they are dry I will take some piccies. Just have to decide which one I will wear tonight now!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

In my usual style...

...I decided to randomly begin another project. This one is inspired by the work of Doe-c-Doe

B'day Goodies

It was my b'day a few weeks ago and I scored some cool goodies. Thought I would share. Annoyingly, my point and shoot camera seems to have a blob in it and I can't get rid of please ignore the blob!

My parents very kindly got me a piece of furniture for my place- a sideboard from Ikea to match my bookcases. I went to work one day and when I got home that night, voila, I almost bumped right into it! They snuck in and built it whilst I was out.
I have already moved my magazines and cook books into it.

They also got me this cool metal A. Mum and I are pondering whether to paint it...
Some of my friends also gave me some lovely gifts...
A Grug cake from Dave. I seriously did not want to cut him, I wanted to keep him forever!

Cool badge of dodgy looking character from Thouraya

Awesome bag from Elaine. She picked the colours and design personally!

A sweet little typewriter tote from Thouraya

The back of the the fabric

Lovely birdy and bead necklace from Brooke
Two of my favourite b'day cards were....

You can't see the writing, but I am sure it says Millie on there
I also decided to get myself a little gift. I am off to the US for work (and a bit of pleasure) in a few weeks. Whenever I go overseas I read WAAAAAAY too many books which means WAAAAAY too much luggage. So I have taken the plunge and got myself one of these.....

I have been a bit loathed to get one of these. I like REAL books with REAL paper. And I will continue to buy real books. But, for the purposes of travel, this seemed like a much more realistic thing to carry around. Last time I went to the UK I think I came back with 6 books, and when I was in Hawaii over 8 books. This is not good for luggage weight, and given I am heading to New York as part of my trip, I can think of other things to fill my luggage with (although, granted, books will probably still be something I buy!).

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ugly Doll creations

Yep, it's been a while! I seem to say that every post I make. I guess sadly I don't get a whole lot of time to sew :( I did, however, create some goodies a few months ago that I have been wanting to share. I actually wanted to share at the time, but as some of these were gifts, I was a bit worried the recipients would see them. Anyway, I got inspired one afternoon when trying to think of something small I could make a friend for their birthday. My thoughts as usual went to embroidery, and then I have an epiphany! Maybe I could do more than embroider. Maybe I could incorporate felt. Quite coincidentally I found a stash of leftover felts in my sewing boxes and shazam, an idea was born.

My friend is a fan of Ugly Dolls, and so it's from here the idea was born (and multiplied once my first effort turned out so well!).

The Making of Ice Bat




Eyes would be nice

Ta-da! Ice Bat done
So the success of the Ice Bat Ugly Doll led me onto other adventures (it's amazing what one can do when they are trying to avoid doing proper work!). So I made a few friends for Ice Bat (well, temporary friends, given Ice Bat was destined for my friend).

Ugly Dog (although I argue it is more like a cat)


 My first three Ugly Dolls
Pretty happy!

 So I made some more....