Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Grand plans

I have been thinking a lot about what I can make for people at work with my leaving. I am not sure if it is customary for the person leaving to share gifts, but I dunno, it makes sense to me in some strange way. Anyway, time is running short to make individual gifts for people, so in case I don't get those done, I came up with a marvellous plan. I am going to make a tablecloth! Yep, an embroidered tablecloth. The idea came to me last night when I jumped on etsy and got over excited and purchased a lot of embroidery patterns. At work we have a lot of morning teas (don't think I will get any of those at the new place!) and as part of the official and fancy morning teas (e.g. the ones where we have new staff, or staff leaving, that sort of thing) tablecloths are often put out as a sign that the morning tea is special. So I decided what better way to say goodbye and thank you to everyone than to make a tablecloth that they can use!

I had a few pattern ideas, but the one I settled with was this one from Polka and Bloom

Image from Polka and Bloom

Isn't is lovely?!? I have already gone and got some fabric and DMC thread to make it. Too bad all my craft stuff is at my parents place in Sydney!! Bummer. Having spoken to Michelle at The Home Patch, she recommended that I applique the embroidery onto the cloth, so I got myself some red ric rac which I am going to put behind it to make it all pretty. Here are the supplied so far...

The pattern

All the pretty colours. The fabric is at the back too, a bit hard to see but it's a linen

Hopefully I can get started on this on Friday when I am in Sydney for the weekend. The plan is to finish it by next week, as I have my farewell morning tea at work on Thursday, so what better time to give back. The earlier I get it done the better too, as I actually should probably do that thing called packing. I have stalled a little, and I just can't bring myself to close up the boxes with my books and dvds in them. I may not see them for months again, and it doesn't feel right to lock them away like that!

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