Monday, August 24, 2009

Another craft show

Yes, I went to the Stitches and Craft show at Rosehill on Saturday. Yes, there were some purchases made. Yes I have yet more projects to work on. Some of my purchases included....

This cute little doll kit....and stitchery patterns from red thread

A stitchery pattern from Kristen Doran


And prints charming patterns

I also get involved in the stitching bar, where I chose to do my free pattern of a drum kit. I finished it on Sunday arvo, and I think I am going to give it to one of my friends who plays the drums...just need to decide which one!

And to finish tonight's blog, I will show you one of the many cool birthday presents I got. This one came from Elaine. It is an awesome apron!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pin cushion

I managed to work some more on my pincushion at patchwork class the other night. All the wool felt bits are done now, I just need to put it together.

I also decided on my next project. I decided to do the Creature Comforts block from Cinderberry Stitches. I ordered it on Sunday hoping it might arrive before patchwork on Tuesday (but it didn't, hence the pincushion work). I decided that I am going to make the squares around the stitchery using left over fabric from my table runner. The insipiration hit me while I was in bed on Saturday night, cause of the similarities between my fabrics and the original pattern. Anyway, my pattern arrived today (good birthday present) so I can start it next class, if not earlier.

Tonight was jewellery class and I made two pieces (well, 3 technically). I am going to give away what I made as presents. One item is for a lady at work, for her bday next week....and the others are really cool, but I can't show them, as they are for a special person who may potentially read this blog and I don't want the secret to be revealed just yet ;)

And to finish tonight's blog, here is a very lovely present I got tonight for my birthday from the wonderful and extremely talented Beadywitch...

I have already put my needles in it (they were previously located in my lounge, potentially a dangerous option). How yummy does it look?!

Oh, and one final one, Amelie and Atticus gave me some awesome stitchery patterns (including one of the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland) for my b'day too so will post some piccies once I get round to stitching them up....
'Til next time................

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Table Runner Over and Out

It's done! I finally finished all the hand quilting on the table runner. It is not perfect, so don't look close, but I think it has come up okay for a first timer. The only problem I face now is trying to work out which table to run it on! I actually wish I had a chest of drawers in my room which I could put it on, then arrange my jewellery on top of. That would be the ideal location. Until then, I will leave it on the coffee table in my lounge room so I can stare at it when I get bored.

I think I may have also worked out what I want to do next....another completely new project of course (the ones waiting in the wings can wait a bit longer!). Last night I was looking at the Cinderberry Stitches blog and got really excited about two patterns...

Hopefully I can manage to get hold of one of them (maybe at the Stitches and Craft show next weekend?!?!) and make them. I find the stitcheries really cute.

Onto books now, and I just managed to pick up the next selection for my Book Club. We are reading Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides....

I will start on it once I have finished reading The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. Can't wait to see the movie adaptation of it.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Still alive

Okay, okay, yes I have been slack. I have been partaking in some craftiness, but I have been too busy to take photos and write an update. I also hate taking pics of my work at night, cause the lights here are hopeless, but I never seem to get any free time during the day so night pics will have to do!

So since my last update I have been up to a fair bit. Patchwork classes resumed, and I bit the bullet and with some help from my wonderful teacher (I am saying this without prompting, of course she doesn't read this blog... :P) I managed to get a handle on hand quilting.

I did a bit of quilting on the ends and round the flowers, but decided last night I needed to put a bit more in by putting crosses over every second square.

Hopefully I can finish it before Tuesday's class so I can start on a new project!

As well as the quilting I have also been doing my usual Thursday jewellery classes. The last couple of weeks we have been working with chain mail designs. Last week I made a bracelet and some earrings.

Tonight we did some continuation of the chain mail type stuff. In all of these pieces we had to make all the jump rings (the round wire sections) by wrapping the wire around knitting needles. The bracelet I made tonight is a real fave. Made all the rings, then linked them, then threaded some beads through the middle. Could be a good present idea for Xmas

So all in all despite being hectically busy at work, I have managed to get a few projects done :) With any luck work will calm down a bit and I will finish my other half finished projects, including my pin cushion (I have been a bit slack!)

And one final picture to end the blog. This is the cool design the barrista put on the coffee when Mum, Dad and I went to dinner in Bathurst. How cool is it?!?!