Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Music Lovin'

I want this.....NOW

Image from CD Leaks

Mr E (aka Mark Oliver Everett) is an absolute genius. I would probably marry him if I could. He seems like someone who likes his alone time, just like me, so I think that could work out well for us <3

Image from BBC

If you have not read E's bio, Things the Grandchildren Should Know, get yourself a copy right this second! It has to be one of my favourite books. The book is witty, honest and downright beautiful. I had to physically slow my reading down so I didn't finish the whole thing in one night.

Image from Bookgeeks

The book has the same title as one of the Eels' songs, and you can listen to a live version of the song here

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  1. Me too....I love the photo of him in the library! You two would be great together...he just has to read this!