Monday, October 26, 2009

Keeping Crafty

Wow, what a busy couple of weeks. I have been holding off blogging in the belief that I haven't actually done anything worth blogging about, but when I went to download all my photos I realised that despite all my work stuff, I have actually been relatively productive craft wise. I haven't even managed to add any photos on the progess of my wall hanging project (I have cut all the patchwork blocks, just need to put the strips together and make it look pretty).

Anyway, here is a rundown of what I have done and taken piccies of.

Yesterday I went to the Christine Book sewing get together, held at Mamre House. It was perfect crafty weather (i.e. wet and a little cool). The theme for this years get together was blue birds, and upon spotting some hints of the day on Marg Low's blog, I couldn't say no when my mum asked me to go along with her.

We were pretty spoilt for choice on the day. We had a bunch of projects to choose from...

Isn't the display pretty?!

If only we could take these goodies....lovely birdies!

I had my eye on a few projects, but I thought I would go for the stitchery heart and bird button, as the example below shows....

We did manage to get given patterns for everything else, so I got myself some fabric and buttons to do one of these tags somewhere down the track (yes, I know I promised myself I would not buy any more projects...but I did!)

We also got an awesome goodies bag on the day, which as well as the patterns for everything included....
This birdie button by Theodora Cleave designs

A pattern from the Home Patch (hmm, Xmas present idea?!)

Some yummy bird fabric!

Christine's bluebird patterns

and Marg Low's nice!
I have progressed pretty well with my chosen project, almost finished all the stitching...

Just doing the little crosses

Apart from that, I have also been working on my Christmas wool baubles. I cut all the bits out and have managed to make a mess at mums with my work...

I have finished the stitching of 3 of the 6 feature pieces. I don't think it will take me long to finish these off, if I find the time!

I also got some nice little presents on the weekend too from Aunty Diane. She just returned from the UK where she was cleaning up her Aunt's place (she passed away recently), and she came across these finds. One is a dragonfly brooch, and the other pieces are bakelite buttons! They are so cool. I am not sure how I am going to use these things yet, whether it will be for jewellery or on something crafty, but I can't wait.

So all in all I have managed to progress with a few projects. Multi-tasking, how talented of me! Haha
Hopefully the next blog I can show some finished pieces!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What's Hot and What's Not Wednesday

Loobylu has started a great Wednesday tradition, the What's Hot and What's Not Wednesday list. This week I thought I would do my own post on the topic. I am sure I have some more 'hot' and 'not' ideas, but these ones will do for now...

  1. Finally getting some sleep last night. For the past two weeks I haven't fallen asleep until after 2am. Last night I was asleep by 10pm and slept til 8am!
  2. Reading. I am half way through my current book club book, The Time Traveller's Wife. Not sure what I think of it yet, and it will be interesting to see how it translates onto the big screen. After I finish that I will either start on the Harry Potter series, or read The Elegance of the Hedgehog
  3. Wool felt. I have said it before and I will say it again, wool felt rocks (well, and making stuff with it, that is pretty cool too)
  4. The little bowl my friend bought back for me from NZ for my b'day (she was very forward thinking seeing as she went to NZ at the beginning of the year). I should take a photo of it and post it, it is just so cute. Perfect colour, perfect style
  5. DVDs. I recently finished Season 1 of True Blood, I have Dexter Season 3 to finish
  6. Booko. There is nothing better than ordering books online and discovering a package at the doorstep a few days later
  7. Blogs. They are my daily comfort and inspiration. I read many of them, every day, and I get jealous at all the cool things people make and all the wonderful original ideas that I see


  1. Washing up. I hate it with a passion
  2. Taking out the bins. Yes, it is bin night tonight, and it is too cold to take the trek up the hill to put my bin out. I must though, as it is pretty full.
  3. Work. It has been insanely busy and frustrating lately.
  4. Hair. If I didn't have hair I would not have to wake up an hour earlier in the mornings to wash and dry it. It would also not take me over an hour to straighten it when I want straight hair (it's naturally curly)
  5. My addiction to coca cola. It must stop. I have tried to quit a number of times. I am so pathetic!
  6. The cold. Yep, it's cold in Bathurst again. At least make it snow so that the cold has a purpose! Although there is a HOT thing to emerge from this, and that is curling up in bed at night.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pin cushions galore!!!

Looks like I am not the only one in the family addicted to wool. Here are some of my mothers creations and works in progress....

I think my father is a little puzzled as to why mum needs to make (and keep!) so many pincushions.
As promised, here are some photos of my finished pin cushions. The leaf/bird one is filled with silica sand, and the flower pot one is filled with crushed walnut shells

I have also made some more progress with my wall hanging. In fact I have finished the stitchery part. Next is the hard bit, the cutting and sewing of the patchwork that frames the stitchery. I think I might leave that until patchwork class starts back in a couple of weeks! Knowing me I would totally stuff up the pattern

Until next time...

Thursday, October 1, 2009


For those of you who know me, you will be aware of my infamous cat, Millie. For those of you who don't know me, I think it is time for a small photographic tribute to Millie, as I don't think she has got a mention yet on the blog. Given that my bio proudly claims that I am to become a Crazy Cat Lady in the future, it is only fitting that you get to see that maybe I will not be the only crazy one in that equation...

First up, Millie in the sink. These pics always make me laugh. As a kitten she used to literally drink from the running taps in the bathrooms. We seem to have weened her off that though. She now has her own little outdoor water fountain to drink from

Yep, just chillin'

Car roofs are another fave

Beds are pretty comfy

She seems to think squeezing into small places is fun. And yes, there were flowers underneath her in this pot. Dad was none too impressed!

The dirtiest habit of all is her regular dirt rolls. When she does this she looks like a horse when it rolls in dirt

The bird hunter

Hangin' with my homie

Tonight's project

Tonight was a bit of a lesson in pain. Weaving a lot of wire around a tiny knitting needle is not good for the thumbs. Lucky I don't really have to use them much to type!

Unfortunately I didn't get any action shots whilst in class (too busy concentrating on how to make the wire S shaped sections of the necklace). Of course, being the slow poke that I am, I didn't finish my project in class, so I bought the pieces home to finish it off. I think I will let the photos speak for themselves...

And the final product!

The question now is. Do I keep it for me?! Or do I give it away? My greedy inner voice is telling me to keep it. I think I will ponder that one a little longer...