Sunday, January 30, 2011

Music's What I Need to Keep My Sanity

That blog title comes from a line in a song from my favourite band 311. There's a random piece of trivia for you. And the reason why I mention it is that this week has been music filled. On Thursday I went to the Big Day Out. I am definitely getting old, many things about festivals make me grumpy. But I will focus on the positives, which were seeing Sia and the Deftones, amongst others. Some piccies.

I think this was during Lupe Fiasco's set

Sia's set. Wish I got a better pic. Her stage set up was awesomely crafty, inspired by granny squares!


Rides which I avoid, as I don't want to die

During Rammstein's set. Can't see much here
I also went to see the Deftones do their own show on Friday night, which was pretty damn good if I do say so myself!

I have managed to continue being crafty (in a non criminal way) during the week too.

Used a fair bit of floss on this one
I also picked up this cool necklace at Tree of Life whilst perusing for gifts. Isn't it always the way, when you are looking for gifts for other people, you find stuff for yourself and nothing for them. Anyway, I think is going to inspire some jewellery ideas, so stay tuned for those!

And tonight I decided to be all homely and cook Mushroom and Spinach pastries. God knows, once teaching starts back at work I probably will find cooking a foreign concept (let's hope though I leave the office earlier more often this year). Tonight I tried something healthy. Although, with the pastry, cream and butter that was required, perhaps it wasn't really that healthy after all!

Nom nom nom
And to end today's post, a mandatory shot of my cat Millie

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  1. They really do look Nom Nom :)