Thursday, January 13, 2011

Some secret activities

I had to keep some of these latest projects secret because certain recipients might see this blog and the surprise would be spoilt. I have actually enjoyed this latest venture- embroidered button brooches! I bought some kits way back when I was living in Bathurst and they sat stagnant until a few weeks ago when I was inspired to freestyle some designs on linen after catching up on all the embroidery blogs I have missed in the past year. I think I am going to keep the french knot one for myself. The red, grey, white and black design was part of Amelie and Atticus's Christmas gift...and the pink one, well the recipient is TBC.
Early beginnings

Random continuations

Hmm better backdrop needed. This was my first effort...not bad

Second brooch.....the back. Quite scary

French knots....lots of knots

Finished product

Quite happy with these

Not sure why I only had the one photo of the red and black one on the left. That was the one I have gifted

After (IMHO) the success of those 3, I went to Spotlight and Lincraft to hunt down some more button kits. Geez, talk about a mission! I eventually found a few packs at Spotlight Rockdale (bigger sized and looked like old stock given the beaten up boxes they were in), so I grabbed them all. Maybe I need to go back to Bathurst to find more there!

I also finished the Grug stitchery for my friend. If you recall I was just waiting for her to have the baby so I could write his/her name in the apple. Well, on new years day, some 13 days after her due date, my friend gave birth to baby boy Keenan.

The finished product!
I think she liked it. I got a bit lazy with the freehanding of the name, but I figured it could be a little rustic given the rest of the long as Grug looks good that's all that matters!

This past week I was lucky enough to get some little gifts of my own....from my Mum! Check out the yummy fabric!
I like Mum's idea of embroidering over the flowers here

Close up

And, part of my Christmas present from Amelie and Atticus

DEXTER! Everyone's favourite serial killer

LOVE IT! Yes I am weird, okay


  1. I absolutely love the Grug stitchery! The button brooches are fab too. I think the red & black one is my fave. They must've taken ages!

  2. Thanks. The buttons didn't take too long. The french knot one did take a bit of time though, much longer than the other two, but still completed in one evening after dinner.

  3. They are wonderful. You would have liked all the crafty shops in NZ there were loads!