Monday, January 17, 2011

Stitching fancy

Finished another project last night. This one was something I should have done ages ago. Probably two craft shows ago I bought some prints from Prints Charming. This one was sitting around, and I got inspired to get to work on it. I purchased some threads recently to match the table runner I made AGES ago. The reason I did this is because I am going to make some cushions for my lounge and want to do some stitcheries on some of them with the same colour theme. Anyway, I thought I might use the same threads on this little number, and then hang it on the wall. I quite like how it turned out. I just came up with random ideas and went with them.
I started with the pink and went from there

In progress

The final product. Thought I would make the pic bigger so you can see the detail

I actually took these photos in daylight for once, which seems to really help the products look better. Note to self: try to avoid taking photos of finishing products in the middle of the night when I complete them!

Funnily I came across some old photos when loading these ones onto my computer. The story goes, my little point and shoot ran out of batteries. I got really lazy and didn't get around to charging them again, and then I got a new phone with a fancy camera in it, so I decided to use that for my pics instead. It then turned out that it was a major drama to load the phone camera pics onto my computer, so I went back to the trusty point and shoot. Anyway, what a boring story! The point being, in doing this, I came across the very few crafty activities I participated in last year. One was the Sue Spargo class in Bathurst in August. I think mum has more pics, but these are the ones I took (can't show them all, as we were not allowed to load pics of her projects, they are only for personal use)

The gifts for each class member

Mum in action

Making badges. My birdy

I love wool!

Mum's birdy

Final product (mine)

And here is a photo I took of the Melbourne Finders Keepers Markets, which I dropped into in October, during my flying visit to Melbourne. I liked it much better than the Sydney one (probably because the last Sydney one I attended felt like we were sardines in a can)

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