Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shrinky Dink and other things

Yes, I have been crafting, although admittedly things have slowed down a little with the onset of a new semester *sigh*

This weekend though I have burned through a lot. I am sure come tomorrow morning I will feel guilty for not having spent the time doing work stuff, but oh well, I am happy with what I have made this weekend.

My first task was to make some gifts for a colleague who hosted me in Queensland last weekend. She picked me up from the airport, let me stay at her place, then dropped me back again. Super nice! I decided to do a cat stitchery for her daughter, who's room I stayed in....

I actually really like how this turned out
And for my friend/colleague I made a necklace, modelled a little on one that I made myself a few year ago, but with a few different beads.
 Then today I went to see The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest in Newtown with another friend. On our walk we spotted some cool graffiti
 And an awesome railway fence message, which seemed to be made from shoelaces, flowers and coloured soft drink cans.
 Tonight I finally got onto a project I have been meaning to do for ages. Some shrinky dink pendants. I decided to give it a go by tracing some sublime stitching patterns. First up was the Day of the Dead skull. Loving it!

Then I tried some birdies...
 They turned out okay, but one really wanted a bendy tail feather. It was a good experiment to try anyway, so next time I know to avoid really skinny sections. I might turn these into brooches if I get my butt into gear.

So all in all, quite an inadvertently crafty weekend!

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  1. i LOVE those little birds! but you need to post more! Hey let me know where you found that shrinky Dink stuff again?? i forgot where u told me you got it! and I wanna try some stuff :D