Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pin cushions galore!!!

Looks like I am not the only one in the family addicted to wool. Here are some of my mothers creations and works in progress....

I think my father is a little puzzled as to why mum needs to make (and keep!) so many pincushions.
As promised, here are some photos of my finished pin cushions. The leaf/bird one is filled with silica sand, and the flower pot one is filled with crushed walnut shells

I have also made some more progress with my wall hanging. In fact I have finished the stitchery part. Next is the hard bit, the cutting and sewing of the patchwork that frames the stitchery. I think I might leave that until patchwork class starts back in a couple of weeks! Knowing me I would totally stuff up the pattern

Until next time...


  1. wow...the stitchery is awesome! Both pin cushions look great - the bird one turned out so well, it seems a pity to stick pins in it!

  2. Clever, clever, clever now I know where you get it from. I can't decide which ones I like the best so damn it I'll like them all. "makes me want have a go myslef..............'
    Very nice stitchery Alyce.