Monday, October 26, 2009

Keeping Crafty

Wow, what a busy couple of weeks. I have been holding off blogging in the belief that I haven't actually done anything worth blogging about, but when I went to download all my photos I realised that despite all my work stuff, I have actually been relatively productive craft wise. I haven't even managed to add any photos on the progess of my wall hanging project (I have cut all the patchwork blocks, just need to put the strips together and make it look pretty).

Anyway, here is a rundown of what I have done and taken piccies of.

Yesterday I went to the Christine Book sewing get together, held at Mamre House. It was perfect crafty weather (i.e. wet and a little cool). The theme for this years get together was blue birds, and upon spotting some hints of the day on Marg Low's blog, I couldn't say no when my mum asked me to go along with her.

We were pretty spoilt for choice on the day. We had a bunch of projects to choose from...

Isn't the display pretty?!

If only we could take these goodies....lovely birdies!

I had my eye on a few projects, but I thought I would go for the stitchery heart and bird button, as the example below shows....

We did manage to get given patterns for everything else, so I got myself some fabric and buttons to do one of these tags somewhere down the track (yes, I know I promised myself I would not buy any more projects...but I did!)

We also got an awesome goodies bag on the day, which as well as the patterns for everything included....
This birdie button by Theodora Cleave designs

A pattern from the Home Patch (hmm, Xmas present idea?!)

Some yummy bird fabric!

Christine's bluebird patterns

and Marg Low's nice!
I have progressed pretty well with my chosen project, almost finished all the stitching...

Just doing the little crosses

Apart from that, I have also been working on my Christmas wool baubles. I cut all the bits out and have managed to make a mess at mums with my work...

I have finished the stitching of 3 of the 6 feature pieces. I don't think it will take me long to finish these off, if I find the time!

I also got some nice little presents on the weekend too from Aunty Diane. She just returned from the UK where she was cleaning up her Aunt's place (she passed away recently), and she came across these finds. One is a dragonfly brooch, and the other pieces are bakelite buttons! They are so cool. I am not sure how I am going to use these things yet, whether it will be for jewellery or on something crafty, but I can't wait.

So all in all I have managed to progress with a few projects. Multi-tasking, how talented of me! Haha
Hopefully the next blog I can show some finished pieces!

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  1. Oh Alyce you have been busy, I am very envious.
    What a fantastic place you had ur craft get together, i bet it was the best day and to share that with ur mom is perfect.
    I love all your sewing bit's and bobs and ur buttons are very interesting, I personally can see jewelery but you know what i am like...
    We must do coffee one day...........