Monday, July 27, 2009

Jewellery Done!

As promised, some photos of the final product! I made this necklace for a friend of mine, Cat, to give to a friend of hers (confused yet?!). I think it turned out okay.

I would still like to find a way to make the pendant not as mosty looking, and clearer. I think I need to find some sort of resin to do that, I will keep working on it....

A few weeks ago now I also made up this little necklace for a friend of mine who had her birthday last week. I hope she liked it, I can never tell if people do or they are just being nice!

These features were made by wrapping wire around a knitting needle, then wrapping wire around the circle that made, then beating the wire flat. I ended up using the same technique on the necklace I made for the secretary at work

I didn't take any photos, but I attempt to crochet on the weekend with Amelie and Atticus. One problem which we didn't perceive earlier was that both she and I are lefties and my mum, the tutor for the day, is not! Regardless I think we managed to get the hang of the basic stitches. Next time round we are going to step it up a bit and attempt grannie squares!!!! Let's hope we can get that working AND have photo evidence for it.


  1. People are just being nice....your stuff is idiot, they are beautiful!!!!!! If those people don't want them I will steal them!!! You will have to show me how to do the resin thing one day...that is COOL...I am trying to think of awesome things to put in them!!

  2. Very kewl Alyce, and NO WAY is it crap, lol.
    Today i spent the day makeing a material cupcake, Why...............just because.

  3. I am thinking of experimenting with tiny stitcheries.....I think I will have to seal them first though, as the glue stuff seems to discolour things.

    Beadywitch, I hope I get to see the final product!