Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I am a book nerd from waaaaaaay back. When I was in primary school I don't ever recall not having a book in hand. In fact, I spent most of my lunch times in the playground reading books and looking for 4 leaf clovers. Once I got into high school I tried out reading some fantasy books and non-fiction. Sadly, the last few years reading for pleasure fell a bit by the wayside. When you spend 24/7 living, thinking and breathing a PhD thesis, it is hard to find the time or energy to read books (well, non academic books). I did manage a few, but it hasn't been until this year that I have really gotten back into the swing of reading....and I am LOVING it!

I have a guilty secret to admit though. My latest pleasure has been reading the Twilight series.

It is oh so wrong, but also so addictive. The books themselves are not that well written, but there is just something about the story that sucks me in! I think I must be getting soft in my old age. Mainstream isn't really my thing usually, and I did resist the urge, but I relented at the insistence of my best friend. So I blame her hehehe. I am almost finished the whole series now. I am over half way through the final book and I just really want to know what happens! I forsee another late night under the covers tonight. In fact, I might head to bed soon and see how much I can get though! Then I can get onto the next books on the pile- Marley and Me (book club selection, I am not really looking forward to it!), White Tiger (loaned by Elaine), The Host (another Stephenie Meyer book, also a loan), The Painted Man (loaned by Andrew), Lovely Bones (yep, another loan), and I think there is something else there on the pile too which I have forgotten. Many many more late nights ahead!

I have always wanted a book room, or a library in my house (when I own one that is).

The idea of having a room filled floor to ceiling with books just fills me with glee! Of course a nice little bay window and a comfy seat is also a must. Even better would be if this room was in a circular room, kinda like a turret in a castle....

Ahhhh maybe one day I will get there. Sometimes I wonder if the images in my mind and the reality of my life will ever match!

Oh, I also finished that necklace I was making tonight. I haven't taken any photos yet, I will do that tomorrow and post them.....


I found a major problem! When I put it all together I realised the lady at the shop gave me one bead which was the wrong colour!!!!! And to fix it would mean going back and getting a new one and also having to read-thread the whole necklace! I am not sure what to do. It is semi obvious....they are two different shades of blue. So I might send a picture to my friend tomorrow and ask her what she thinks. The perfectionist in me is telling me to remake the necklace...but I also need to post it ASAP.......arghhhhhhh

Anyway, reading time.............


  1. What an awesome friend to recommend such cool books!!! I am surprised that you kept reading and I NEVER thought I'd see the day they made it onto your BLOG!! You forgot to add that you will be reading the Harry Potter series next!!

  2. Oh alyce i to spent my childhood searching for 4 leaf clovers and getting lost in the depths of a book.
    And yes i always wanted one of those seats ny the window looking out onto fields of green surrounded by a cottage garden filled wiht butterflys and dragonlfys, ohhhhh you have made me want to escape into a jane Austen novel.......xoxo

  3. You've just described my ideal room!

    I've read Twilight and got the next one to start but got too many others in the queue before it. Don't know how you can do the whole book club thing - life's too short to read books you don't want to!