Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Getting there!

Last night I was very productive in my patchwork class and managed to sew together the final parts of my table runner....yay! I think the most time consuming part of the evening was trying to work out which fabric best suited the little triangle parts at the end of the piece! After much musing it was decided that the pink and grey/green/brown coloured fabric fit best. I also went for a plain homespun on the back, the same fabric as the creme background behind the felt features at either end of the runner. I think it has come up quite well....

I am up to the hard bit now, which is all the hand patchworking! I think it is going to take me longer than I was hoping, mostly because I want to make sure it looks good on the front AND back, which is painstaking. Basically what I need to do is running stitch diagonally across the patchwork squares, then around the felt feature and the triangle ends I need to just do a straight stitch. My perfectionist streak will not let me ignore the back (especially since the fabric is pale and I am using a greyish thread, hence it will be very visible to anyone who turns the table runner over). I think this one will be coming with me to Thouraya's place for our craft day!

In other crafty news I have started on Thouraya's craft/photography challenge. I have taken a couple of photos, but I am yet to decide how I will have a yellow themed craft project. Maybe I can do something at my beading class tomorrow night.

Back to quilting now. I hope it doesn't drive me too mental.


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  1. Looking brilliant...I think that Challenge of Thouraya's sounds GREAT!