Thursday, July 2, 2009

Coral creation

Tonight was jewellery/beading night and another creation was born. I think my perfectionist streak made this take a little longer to make than it should have, but I managed to get it done by the end of the two hour class. The longest part of it was making the wire links with the coral beads (those are the three red beads you see every second link). To make them I wrapped the wire around a knitting needle and wire wrapped it, then the wire was beaten (in a loving way) with a hammer to give it that flat effect. I won't bother explaining the rest, I think I will let the pictures speak for themselves...

I really really like it and I am very tempted to keep it for myself, but I think I have been greedy lately keeping all my creations. Instead I think I might give it to the secretary at work. She has been a bit sick and I think it would really suit her and her fashion sense. I will keep note of the design though, as I wouldn't mind making it again for another friend, but maybe in purple.
Time to go and pack for my trip to Melbourne. I head off on Tuesday, but I am going via Sydney so I need to take everything with me tomorrow when I head down there. I feel very underprepared and disorganised!
If I don't post for a week, you will know why! There will be plenty of shopping to do in Melbourne. I hope to somehow make it to Meet Me at Mike's and Patchwork on Central Park, so I may return with crafty goodness :)


  1. Nice Alyce, you do beautiful work....
    ( u must have a great teacher he he)

  2. I love the beads....and the beautiful wire work. It would be awesome for a wedding or with brilliant every day wear...lucky receptionist....though you know you should keep it!! HAHA