Monday, June 29, 2009

Current Project

So my current project which I am close to finishing is a table runner. It is my first 'proper' quilting/patchwork project. I started beginner patchwork classes earlier this year, just to learn the basic techniques, and in the continuning course we had to choose a project to work on. Classes are every second Tuesday, and I am really enjoying them, mostly because I get to chat with some nice people and see what everyone else is up to. It also means I have put time aside to be crafty, as sometimes I can get bogged down with work or getting lazy in front of the tv, which drags productivity levels down.

I am using a pattern ( from The Home Patch ( for my table runner. The Home Patch is also the place where I do my classes. Rather than use the fabrics as per the pattern however, I picked my own funky fabrics. I am mostly using Amy Butler and Moda fabrics, which are probably some of my favourites at the moment. As you can see below, I think it is coming along quite well....

Being a 'stitchery freak' I do the stitches on my applique really really small as I do with my stitcheries. This is both a good and a bad thing. Good cause I think it looks really cool, but bad because I have been hand stitching these felt pieces on for almost 2 weeks now and I still am not done! I hope it looks effective when the whole thing is finished, given how long it has taken me to do. I will post some more updates tomorrow night after class. Hopefully I can almost get it to finishing point (minus the quilting, as I know there won't be enough time for that!).

Once I have finished with the table runner I have a few (okay, well a lot) of projects I want to work on. Many of the projects have emanated from purchases made at the Craft Show in Sydney a few weeks ago. The next thing I think I will do is my scarf, from a kit I purchased from Prints Charming (

It's a bit difficult to see the details, but trust me, it is going to look very funky! Can't wait to start it (might be a good idea to get it done while it is still winter also).

Anyway, so much more to say, but it is getting a tad late in the evening and my blogging skills are in significant decline. Hopefully I can improve in my next effort.



  1. Great work on your blog, I love your stitches, they are so small but so perfect....

  2. Ohhhh, this is so kewl.
    I totally admire your stitching skills, I am more a hit and miss sort of gal, lol.