Saturday, July 9, 2011

Occasional embroidery activities...

Yes, I have been slack with the blog, but I am still occasionally finding time to craft. Not much time, what with work being so busy, but I better than nothing!

At the moment the main project is embroidering some Prints Charming panels to make into a quilt.

Did anyone else go to the craft show? What did you think?
Darling Harbour after the craft show

I was restrained this year (given I still have items from past craft shows I am yet to make!). My favourite find of the day though was this great Viewfinder material. Think I will make it into a bag....

So many craft ideas, so little time *sigh*. I really need to write a proper list of all the projects and potential projects I have going. Which reminds me, I need to get back into making jewellery too!

Til next time....



  1. That's gorgeous embroidery, Alyce!

    After saying that I was getting over cross stitch, I've now finished the three mini kits I bought at the show, and I'm on to my fourth (I bought 2 more at Spotlight about a week later!) I've got sewing projects too, but the cross stitch is easier!

  2. doing small handwork is so much easier than getting the sewing machine out and cutting. you can pick it up whenever, take it with you. sewing projects require a bit more organisation i find. did your cross stitch turn out well? are you keeping them or giving them to someone else?

  3. Love the embroidery, and that viewfinder fabric is so lush!