Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm Back!

Well at least I hope I am. Mum has been bugging me to get back onto my blog for ages. And I have been meaning to...honestly. But it has been one hell of a year, and time for craft has been incredibly limited. With the move, buying a place, the new job and all the time and energy that entails, my regular crafty pursuits (along with any socialising and semblance of a life outside of work), fell by the wayside. Things have eased a little with work in the last week or so, which is why I feel like I can make a slow re-entry into my blog again! I haven't even managed to keep up with my fave craft blogs since about March, so I dread to think how many posts I have missed!

So I have a few projects I have been working on that I can share, but some of them are Xmas gifts, so I don't want to give anything away! As a substitute I present you with a photo of the newest addition to my living space. My very own Grug doll!

 Is it pathetic that such a toy excites me? I do think I find joy in the strangest of things at times.

Actually, there are a few little goodies I have hanging around in my place which I think I should photograph for the blog one day.

Also, another funny photo for you. Today I caught up with a couple of my ex-students, who are now both in the police force. One of the guys had a few sheets of very dodgy horse stickers (motivational stickers for recording how often he goes to the gym...yes, weird, but a kinda weird that I can relate to). Anyway, he decided to adorn my phone with one of the stickers. I like to call it Black Beauty, after that movie from looooong ago. Everytime I see this sticker now I am going to crack up.

We may have practice how I should hold my phone whilst talking on it so that everyone can see my fantastic sticker....

Time to bid this posting farewell. I need to practice getting to bed at a more reasonable time so I don't feel like sleeping in every morning now that teaching is over for the semester. Next blog I promise to share the fruits of my creative labour....which reminds me, I need to charge my camera batteries or there won't be much to show!

'Til next time........

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