Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Jewellery Gifts

Along with my embroidery I have also managed to find some time for making jewellery (usually between the hours of 7pm and 2am....yes, not good for my bad sleeping patterns).

I am getting together a good stock of presents for some of my friends and colleagues

 And here are a few of my creations in closer detail...
 A necklace for my work colleague Leanne, who wears a lot of red and black

 Closer detail of the main feature of the necklace

 A bracelet that I think I will give to my friend Brooke. I really like this one. I have another to make up in blue stones.....will be so tempted to keep it for myself!

 What it looks like on

 A necklace for my work colleague Jane

 How it looks on

 A bracelet I am going to give to Eileen from work

 The bracelet has a little bell thing on it, wondering if that will be annoying!

 Some earrings. Still deciding who will get these. I made another pair with silver metal instead of this dull silver for a friend to give to another friend.

 I like these earrings too. Again, still deciding who will get them.

 Another pair that doesn't have an owner yet.

And I made this bracelet in class last Monday at The Bead Room. Was not too hard to make either. Still deciding who will get it.

As you can see from this post and the previous posting, I think the past 2 weeks is the most productive I have been in all of 2010! I hope it is a trend I can continue into 2011. Fingers crossed for a bit more free time. I am realistic though and realise I may not be quite so luck. We will see.

Before I go I will post a few piccies I took at the Muse gig a couple of weeks ago.

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