Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Once a Slacker, Always a Slacker

Yep, that slacker is me! It has been a whole month and I haven't posted. But I do have a letter from my Mum. Well, not quite, but I do have excuses (when do I never have an excuse really?!)

So it has been a strange month. I think I mentioned in my last blog that I was off to Perth for work. Well, I did that, went to a conference which was good, and hung out with my bro and his fiance. Also went on a little road trip with my friend Elaine up to Cervantes, Jurien Bay and the Pinnacles. I would have added some piccies, but as you will shortly see, it is picture overload in this blog!

When I got back from WA I got notice that I had been shortlisted for a job. With a weeks notice I had to prepare a detailed presentation and prepare for the interview (it was practically a full day process), all whilst trying to tell as few people as possible as I REALLY wanted the job. So I went to the interview, thought I bombed out on part of it, came home thinking I would hear either way in a week or something. Given my lack of sleep, I had a little nap, but was woken about 6:30pm by my mobile ringing. I didn't recognise the number, but I thought I better answer. Anyway, much to my surprise it was the Dean from the university I was applying to offering me the job!!!!!!!! So of course I was very excited, as the job will bring me back to Sydney, but also more than a little sad because of all the good stuff in Bathurst that I will be leaving behind. Apart from work and the friends I have there, I also have my wonderful crafty friends, and my non-work friends who I met whilst playing netball. All in all the past 2-3 weeks have been really surreal! The coming challenges will be Christmas (nope, I haven't bought ANY presents yet, so I am pretty screwed), packing, moving, my Hawaii trip, and starting the new job (which is 2 days after I get back from Hawaii!). I certainly wouldn't feel myself if I wasn't insanely and hectically busy!

But, in all of that craziness I have actually managed to be a little bit crafty too. My bank of photos below are testament to this. So let me go through these for you...

First, remember AGES ago I did a stitchery at the dodgy Rosehill craft show? It sat idle for ages, until I made a bet with a mate who is a drummer. Either way the bet went, he was getting the drum stitchery, all I had to do was actually frame it. And didn't it turn out pretty?

And I even made the back pretty! He was pretty stoked with it (unless he was lying to me, as really, how many men are thrilled by crafty gifts?!)

My next item was actually finished by Mum, as I was lazy and let her do it. It was my Santa softie thing that I also started a LONG time ago at the Christine Book class at the Home Patch. It was my first decoration on my Christmas tree!

Tonight, in my last sewing class for the year, I also finished my wall hanging! Yay. So pretty. When I get my new place in Sydney it will be hung with pride near my matching table runner.

I also had a bit of time left in class tonight, so I sewed and stuff another oldie I got at the craft show, a Red Thread Sweetie Petite. All that is left to do is sew up the bottom...

Earlier this week (actually, yesterday to be precise) I finished my wool felt Christmas baubles. I love them. I think I have actually forgotten to take a photo of one of the baubles here, but these are the ones I did manage to photograph, taking pride of place on my tree! I love them, so they better not be thrown out when I die!

Another addition to my Christmas tree was this cute little ornament from Mum. Love it :)

And tonight one of the lovely ladies at sewing gave us ornaments she made herself! Another perfect tree decoration...

So my tree is looking pretty snazzy now. All I need is some tinsel and a star for the top. And maybe a few more ornaments....as you will soon see, I am working on those still

On Sunday Mum and I did a punchneedle class at the Home Patch. Wow, how fun is punchneedle....and EASY! It was a good day and I have been inspired to perhaps turn some stitchery ideas into punchneedle creations.

This one is going to eventually be turned into an ornament for my tree. I should probably attempt to do that before Christmas...

I also made a star, which I think could also become an ornament...

And speaking of ornaments, I am still going on embroidering these things....they might be on the tree for next year at the rate I am going!

I did most of those whilst I was in Perth (or on the plane to/from Perth). The challenge is to come up with a variety of embroidery designs. I think I need to expand my range!
Anyway, so hopefully that little run down just about makes up for the month long silence. I can't promise I will blog much over the coming months. Hopefully I will get some in before I move. I better make sure I don't pack my sewing stuff into storage otherwise there will definitely be no craftiness!
Well, it is late so I think it's time to get back to watching The Bachelor hahahaha.
Oh, and don't even get me started on books. I have read a few, but to give you the low down, my current book is called Mathilda Savitch. Weird, interesting, and I can't wait to see how it ends. With any luck I will finish it tonight (last night's attempt failed when I fell asleep, book in hand).
Until next time.........

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  1. Awww...they are all awesome!! No worries if you go before me I will happily take those wool felt baubles!!! So you had better will them to me now just in case!

    The punch needles are cool...love the star!

    Wall hanging will look beautiful in your new home!