Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Two posts in two days!

I was pretty productive in class tonight, so I thought I would share my results. My wall hanging is almost done (yay!).

As you can see I finished the borders around the stitcheries and sewed on the patchwork sections. It is all very bright. I am wondering if it is ugly....so hard to judge given I have been looking at this fabric for months!

And I have selected the fabric for my border and backing. Dots! Apologies for the colours, taking photos indoors at night doesn't really represent the true look of the work. Maybe one day I will actually get home from work before dark so I can take a decent natural light photo! Then again, I am probably just dreaming.....

I wonder if I will get any time to finish this before I go to WA....hmmmm.......almost tempted to keep going tonight, but Ladette to Lady is very distracting!


  1. Looks great.... i love the little birdies!!!!

  2. The fabrics are awesome...as if it looks ugly!! Love the dots for the backing!!

    Great work you have been way more productive than me lately...I have to get into gear!

  3. Looks great Alyce, "ugly", Me thinks Not....