Monday, November 16, 2009

Gozleme and other things

Okay, so I should be working on a presentation I have to give for work tomorrow, but it has been a while since my last update, so I thought I should add some piccies of what I have been up to.

Mum and I have had a slight obsession with gozleme for a little while now, and have been meaning to try and make some ourselves for almost as long. Well, last week mum decided to put her talents to good use and make some! Of course I turned up just in time to eat it

The filling- lamb mince mix, spinach, feta

Mum made the dough

Frying it up

The finished product! Yum yum. I managed to gulp it down pretty fast! There was even enough for leftovers for Saturday lunch. Thanks mum!

Onto other things now. Millie the cat is definitely in the crazy season (well, crazier than normal, if that is possible). I think she is hunting birds here...

Back to craft. I have been progressing well with my christmas baubles. I have sewn half of them, and after that all I need to do is stuff them and make the bit to hang them from my tree. Which reminds me, I should take a photo of my new tree (although it is a tad sad looking at the moment, it has no decorations).

There is an interesting story behind the tree. I spotted this cute little 3 foot tree when the Christmas stuff first came out. It was $55, which I thought wasn't too bad. Anyway, fast track a few weeks and I was at a particular store (names removed of course), and decided I was gonna get me that tree! So up to the counter I go (they obviously do not just leave boxes of the trees lying around for self service). So I wait...and I wait, whilst some lady decides to have a conversation with a friend. When she finally decides she is bored enough to serve me and I ask for the tree. To cut a long story short, it seems all a little bit too hard for her to just get me the tree, so I leave the store and tell her don't bother. The next day I was at another shop (yes, I shop a lot) from the same chain. In I wander, not really thinking about the tree at all, and what appears before my eyes, but the tree, on sale, 30% off! Woohoo, tree now costs something like $34. Needless to say I was quite happy about this. So to the woman who made things difficult, I saved myself 30% because of you! It must have been fate.

Anyway, I digree. Craft again. I have been working on my wall hanging in class. Tomorrow I reckon I will be pretty close to finishing it off in patchwork class. All I really need to do is sew a couple of borders round the stitcherys, attach the patchwork squares, and do the back. Will update after tomorrow night to let you know how I go with that.

So a few things are coming together, which means I may actually progress onto some new projects. I am off to WA for about 10 days on Friday, so I will take some sewing with me (and reading- currently reading Anna Karenina!) and see what I can get through.
Until next time....


  1. Great work but I think it is pretty cruel putting up those photos of the yummy gozleme when I can't grab it off the screen! Very jealous!

    Your Christmas decorations look brilliant...can't wait to see them on your discounted tree....woohoo....

  2. Yummmm, that "gozleme" looks divine and i am so hungry right about now..........
    Fate sometimes jumps right on in to save the day, and i do love a good save..........
    Love your decorations, your inspiring me...