Thursday, September 24, 2009

Woven earrings... yay!

I was so excited about tonight's jewellery project I had to blog as soon as I was done. I was a bit slow in class, so I had to bring the rest home to finish them off.

Basically tonight I made wire earrings, wrapped with DMC thread. Below is a little attempt at an action shot of the floss weaving part....

This is with the three floss colours wound on....threads to be trimmed and cap to be made and put over the top to cover the messy bits......

I put a bit of glue between the messy bits and the caps, just to secure them a little. This photo is the drying stage

Me testing the final product out on my ears. Yes these ones are for me, but I have more versions I want to do up, when I get time....

And here they are! I love them, I am totally wearing them to work tomorrow!

Can't wait to get some more done :)

Time to go pack for work and trip home tomorrow.

And on a final note.....

GO THE BULLDOGS!!!!! (I am sure I just jinxed them! Haha)


  1. There lovely Earrings, love the colours!!!!! I go for the Bulldogs too and im hopeful thry'll win..... go Doggies!!!!

  2. They look awesome, I can't believe you did it all in one night!! I have to get you to come and finish some of my projects hehehe.

    PS Go the Doggies!

  3. They look excellent Alyce, Well Done !
    Love the