Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wool techniques...and Grug

First things first.........I met my 'hero' on Friday. The one and only GRUG!!!!

I managed to steal, I mean borrow, my friends kid, but I can't say she was too impressed with Grug. In fact, my attempt to take her close to Grug to get a photo resulted in her trembling in fear. I will convert her though!

Onto sewing now. Last Saturday I attended the 'Wool Techniques' class at The Home Patch with the lovely Michelle. It was a really fun class. We learnt some new stitches and techniques for working with wool, and discovered that really we are only limited by our creativity.

The is the 'template' of sorts we were working from, a sample sewn up by Michelle that we all envied. It is a pincushion, made of wool felts and wool threads....(and I am posting it especially for my fellow class members who shall remain nameless)

My incarnation of the pincushion varied a bit. I started by putting the leaves at a different angle....

The first leaf all sewn on...

It is quite an easy process to get started. To put the felt piece in place we just used a bit of UHU gluestick to keep it in place. The wool is so easy to work with, it's like the thread just disappears into the felt, and I really enjoy just whip stitching the felt shapes on. It has my mind ticking over about the possibilities. Pin cushions one day, who knows what the next?!?! (and really, who does know, I need to ponder on that one a little more before I can give you an answer!)

This shot shows how we used a little bit of ric rac behind the felt piece for effect...

But it was looking a little bare in the middle. So on advice from mum I added a little birdie....

I am not sure what else to do with the birdie. I am tempted to either embellish it, or embellish around it. I also have to embellish the orange and purple leaves still. I purchased some wool threads (so yummy), so I have plenty of options. I am wanting to do a bullion stitch somewhere on one of them. Yes, the next shot is of me with my two loves- stitching and sitting on my laptop (what you cannot see here is the tv in the background, the other staple in my evening diet)

It is still a work in progress. In fact, I think I might whip it out tonight and get sewing on it. I really recommend the class to anyone. I learnt some new stitches, and I really enjoyed working with the wool felt. I can't say I enjoy trying to thread wool thread through the eye of a needle though! Especially beading needles! Man, that was the worst part of the day I reckon.

And on a final nerdy note of another kind, yesterday I got to wear the funny looking hat finally....

And yes, you just address me as Doctor now, especially if you are related to me HAHAHAHA

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  1. Thanks for the pic.... your birdie looks cute :)
    Congratulations on your funny looking hat!