Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pin cushion

I managed to work some more on my pincushion at patchwork class the other night. All the wool felt bits are done now, I just need to put it together.

I also decided on my next project. I decided to do the Creature Comforts block from Cinderberry Stitches. I ordered it on Sunday hoping it might arrive before patchwork on Tuesday (but it didn't, hence the pincushion work). I decided that I am going to make the squares around the stitchery using left over fabric from my table runner. The insipiration hit me while I was in bed on Saturday night, cause of the similarities between my fabrics and the original pattern. Anyway, my pattern arrived today (good birthday present) so I can start it next class, if not earlier.

Tonight was jewellery class and I made two pieces (well, 3 technically). I am going to give away what I made as presents. One item is for a lady at work, for her bday next week....and the others are really cool, but I can't show them, as they are for a special person who may potentially read this blog and I don't want the secret to be revealed just yet ;)

And to finish tonight's blog, here is a very lovely present I got tonight for my birthday from the wonderful and extremely talented Beadywitch...

I have already put my needles in it (they were previously located in my lounge, potentially a dangerous option). How yummy does it look?!

Oh, and one final one, Amelie and Atticus gave me some awesome stitchery patterns (including one of the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland) for my b'day too so will post some piccies once I get round to stitching them up....
'Til next time................


  1. shuck's you made me blush, but I'll take it, lol.
    Am glad you loved it...........
    Hope ur birthday was filled with happiness.....
    P.s Am totally loving ur pincuhion you are making, and cant wait to see the finished product. You will definalty have no excuses for Pins in the lounge........Ouch !!

  2. I'm so sorry I missed your birthday hun, hope it was happy!

    The Creature Comforts block looks very challenging but i'm sure you'll make it look fab!