Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Not dead....yet

Wow, I have reached a slackness of unforeseen proportions. Between the holiday, new job and now a trip to the UK the blog (and also my blog reading) has suffered. I am so busy I may just overtake myself. So, never fear, the plan is once I return from the UK and get settled (will this involve buying a place?!?! I hope so) then I will get back into the blog swing of things, and no doubt spend weeks on end reading all the blog postings I have missed. I feel so empty without bloggy-ness.....

And the UK trip is for work, so sadly it is less exciting than it sounds (and a lot colder than I would like!)

1 comment:

  1. I was in the UK a month ago, and the weather was lovely, but I like the cold. I was quite sad to come home to the heat!

    Hope you enjoy your trip even if it is for work. Are you going to London? If so, see if you can get along to Milk and Honey - fabulous cocktail bar, but you need to make a reservation...