Wednesday, February 3, 2010


As I write this, I am currently sitting in a very very empty house. Yep, the removalists have come and gone, the cleaner has come and gone, and the carpets are all clean. I have the following items with which to amuse myself:
  • 1 blow up mattress
  • 1 bedsheet
  • 1 small fleece throw
  • 1 pillow... See More
  • 1 suitcase, semi packed with clothes for my trip
  • 1 rack with my clothes
  • assorted random items and toiletries
  • 1 laptop

The other night I had the pleasure of listening to myself chew dinner whilst staring at the wall. Last night I went and terrorised a work mate and his family.

I am sure there is probably some lesson in meditation or living the simple life in all of this. But it is a tad weird. Or maybe it is weirder that I feel all alone without that tv noise in the background. Tonight I have put some tunes on though. Currently listening to the new eels cd (yes I managed to find it, thank god!). And it is very brilliant, so go get a copy. $20 at JB Hifi, what a steal.

All this nothingness could be dangerous. I am resisting the urge to log onto booko and purchase some books. I also must not venture onto itunes and get more much as I may feel I need more new music for my Hawaiian holiday (and incidently it is pretty much exactly 48 hours until my flight..woohoo).

So what will the next 48 hours bring? My final day at work, my final rental inspection, desperate attempts to fill my car with all the leftover 'essential' items that are currently littering my kitchen floor and my car boot, a few goodbyes, my last game of mixed netball, last minute work stuff.

But through all of this I will....

Ok, I lie, I probably won't, but given how tired I am, I may be forced into sleepy submission. My brain has had so many thoughts that I don't think I will sleep properly until the flight....I am just praying I don't feel the urge to talk in my sleep or sleepwalk when I do sleep on the plane (yes, I do both of these things, and and thus glad that I paid extra for the single room option, I don't need to be sharing that stuff with some random on my tour).

Oh, and on a final note, Thouraya and I have become the proud owners(?) of a Brown Owls chapter, broadly covering the Sutherland/Mortdale region of Sydney. So if you, or anyone you know, lives in that general vicinity and wants to join the group, let me know. The plan is to meet about once a month, at various venues to be decided. The group will partake in crafty activities and other nerdy, yet thoroughly enjoyable, stuff.

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